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Our out-of-the-box solutions are designed to suit your specific industry, and are customised to meet your business needs.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Achieving accuracy of budgetary planning to circumvent cost overruns is imperative in this business.

With Microsoft Dynamics, project managers are equipped with real-time information, such as tracking and verifications of "inventory" versus "actual usage". This enables them to better manage project implementation, schedules and progress reporting. As a result, manpower, machinery and resources are efficiently allocated to maximize profitability. In addition, this allows for enhanced team collaboration and communication, preventing project delays due to possible miscommunication.

As your business grows, the management team will require a more sophisticated project accounting system to improve control over key aspects of the business, namely project, budgeting, costing and profitability analysis. Microsoft Dynamics is able to deliver customised solutions to support the multiple projects that your business undertakes.


Keeping updated financial records and monitoring the school's performance is a concern for educational institutions. However, controlling administrative costs could be a challenge.

Microsoft Dynamics makes this challenge easier by creating sophisticated reports on your organization's performance—without the need for extensive IT assistance. Reduce administrative costs and workload but gain efficiencies through automation and access to real-time information. Through built-in tools to automate processes, user will be able to establish workflows and get in-depth views of various operations within the organization.

Increase productivity with a familiar interface that works like other Microsoft productivity software, so little training is required and adoption is quick. At Davidson Business Systems, we deliver flexible, and affordable solution that helps you achieve higher levels of efficiency with tools that can help you, your faculty, and your staff manage day-to-day activities and make more informed decisions.


Inventory is the largest and probably the most important asset of many distributors and more money is likely tied up in inventory than other assets.

Inventory turnover is a crucial indicator of profitability. Thus, it is imperative that distributors develop and use a comprehensive set of tools to track improvements in inventory performance over time, and also ensure customers' expectations are met.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP has a proven record for distribution and supply chain management. It can deliver visibility into your sales data, inventory levels, and shipment schedules, giving you confidence in your ability to meet customer demands. Integrated business application from Microsoft Dynamics could be tailored and integrated to meet your unique needs and streamline your operations. Furthermore, business intelligence tools will help you analyse your business processes, identify possible enhancements, and adjust to changing conditions. Information is quickly dissipated from across the enterprise and the supply chain, where key performance indicators, customer quotes, orders, and service inquiries can be viewed in real time via intuitive dashboards.

At Davidson, we will aid you in customising your inventory reports, to determine key inventory indicators with greater ease and flexibility. With up-to-date figures such as average inventory turnover and the cost of carrying slow moving items, sales managers are able to more accurately appraise the profitability of each transaction, and facilitate your decision making process.

Financial Services

With Microsoft Dynamics, you will be able to track and record financial data with greater ease. Thus, allowing you to create better working capital cycles and enables timely and proactive actions with integrated financial systems.

Our solutions provide you with instantaneous real time updates of financial parameters based on actual ongoing activities. With a bird's eye view of the overall performance. Management will be able to have better control and projections in the areas of budgeting and cash flow management. This in turn enhances management visibility, which is a crucial success factor in this industry.

Oil & Gas

Many companies in this sector are focused on the material procurement of oil and gas consumables, and often time, inventory is massive. As such there is an imperative need for efficient management of inventory.

With Microsoft Dynamics, achieve enhanced inventory management and reporting capabilities for greater visibility to determine optimum stock procurement volume, inventory turnover and other crucial data. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics streamlines your sales and financial processes by eliminating ineffective and redundant steps in the sales process.

Our solutions can be customised for the sales transaction process, by allocating appropriate costs and profit to relevant accounts with minimal setup. This in turn enables automated allocation of cost and profit to the correct accounts, minimizing the effects of human error. With up-to-date costing information, accurate profit reporting can be generated to empower sales managers to accurately appraise the profitability of each transaction. For loss-making deals, quick decisions can be made to disapprove these transactions.

Media & Entertainment

The proliferation of digital media has brought much complexity to the media supply chain. For companies operating in the media and entertainment industry, new content and delivery channels create challenges around resource and asset management.

To remain competitive, media companies must be able to take advantage of economies of scale while preserving their ability to differentiate themselves through innovative new products and services. Business management systems that are optimized for creation, delivery, and management of digital content are critical to improving collaboration and efficiency, gaining visibility, and meeting customers' expectations.

With rich out-of-the-box reports and business intelligent tools, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a wide range of capabilities that help organisations manage projects and jobs more efficiently. These best practices help companies manage the media supply chain, giving them visibility into many different media tasks and processes and providing them with real-time information when resource conflicts occur.

Professional Services

Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers tools and methods that equip you to proactively organise projects and manage time, equipment, and employees effectively. You can increase profitability, offer unmatched client service, and accelerate billings, while controlling costs through tighter integration of client and project-related information. At Davidson Business Systems, our solutions offered will assist corporations and service providers to enhance service delivery, identify new opportunities, and market more effectively.

With customised solutions tailored to your specific line of business, administrative costs are reduced when data from other systems could be imported to generate dashboards and reports. Furthermore, the use of business intelligence capabilities will serve to facilitate new business success, customer loyalty, claims processing, and other activities. Thus, enabling you to better understand each customer's worth and cultivate profitable customer relationships.

Extend the value of your IT investment by integrating with your core systems and existing applications. Reduce IT costs and complexity with a flexible infrastructure that gives you the ability to tie systems and information together and make them available to additional departments or sister organizations. Our solutions enable you to provide personalized care to build customer loyalty and increase your revenues.

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